Draft 15Notes from the Midlands Health & Safety Forum 14 July 2016 GMB office Nottingham

Notes from the Midlands Health & Safety Forum 14 July GMB office Nottingham 

There was 19 delegates present including Rob Johnson.

Wayne Kidger from Nottingham City Homes was nominated as Chair.

Before Wayne left work to attend the meeting, he reported a dangerous asbestos concern to management.Wayne reported that NCH had now adopted the Dying to Work TUCcampaign.

Wayne reported on the NCH Workers Memorial Day cycle ride to Shirebrook.Shay reported on the Trades Council welcoming committee that was there to welcome them and the parade of the coffin followed by the service by the DAST memorial Tree at Tapton Park.

Wayne took the Asbestos in Schools Project memory stick to schools in Notts.

Shay handed out a couple to a school worker and Rob Johnson.

We were shown a short video about Tommy Harte who died of an asbestos disease in 1994.Tommy campaigned for H&S at work and when Hazards came up with the slogan for Workers Memorial Day of “Remember the Dead” Tommy added “Fight for the living” and that Remember the Dead Fight for the Living was adopted by the TUC. The short video is available on the TUC website.

We were encouraged to check out “Free Publications” a website giving out H&S publications that can be used for all workplace events and campaigns. Wash from West Midlands said Hazards also has free campaign material.

Wash also reported on a forthcoming Occupational Cancer event including asbestos due on 17th September in Birmingham.The number of deaths was discussed and adding the 5 recent ones amounted to 149 in last 12 months.Rob Johnson reported 12 deaths in our region.

What now after Brexit?

We had a presentation by a Sarah, Thompsons Solicitor who emphasized that union reps should take note that nothing has changed regarding health Health & Safety at work.The only thing that has changed is the result of the Brexit vote.It may be at least 2 years before any changes to workplace safety happen as a result of Brexit but we have a new Tory Prime Minister.A safety reps guidance doc was circulated.Sarah reported on the difficulties winning cases at work following the Enterprise act replacing the 1974 act.We were encouraged to petition MP’s to get them to protect workers’ rights when we leave the EU.One part of Sarah’s presentation couldn’t be done because of time.Following a discussion on length of meetings. It was agreed to add time to the end of each meeting.Next meeting due in November 2016. Venue to be agreed.

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