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Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre

Posted: 8th February 2021

Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre has updated their website to make it smart phone friendly to get people the help they need with their benefits.

also on the website the contact details and times they can be contacted through out this pandemic.


Although we are closed for face to face…

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Shay Boyle Activist Gazebo Outings

Posted: 4th July 2018

Shay Boyle Activist report from Hasland Gala 2018 We booked into Hasland Gala at the last minute yesterday and had a good day. We suspended Tombola for Tinnitus because Jackie Ridgway, new chair of NorthEast Derbyshire District Council wanted to do some charith fundraising. I agreed she could share our gazebo. Toby Perkins and his…

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GMB Gazebo and Snakes game outings 2018

Posted: 17th May 2017

Our Activist Shay Boyle will be attending the dates below spreading the name of GMB and recruiting throughout our area with the GMB Gazebo,  please support him by attending any or all of the events.

Thank You

These are the dates confirmed for the gazebo and game outings 2018..

Shay states that each one has…

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May Day 2017

Posted: 9th May 2017

Sent in  Shay Boyle C40 Activist Attached are a few photos from Mondays 40th Peoples March and Rally. Bob Gachagan came with his family and Pat was the “nice man carrying the GMB flag”. You can see a young volunteer carrying the One Fund for All banner and even younger kids from the Chrystal Cheer…

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