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GMB Gazebo and Snakes game outings 2018

Our Activist Shay Boyle will be attending the dates below spreading the name of GMB and recruiting throughout our area with the GMB Gazebo,  please support him by attending any or all of the events.

Thank You

These are the dates confirmed for the gazebo and game outings 2018..

Shay states that each one has been requested. We have been invited to attend. I haven’t had to ask yet.

  1. 100 year Boot & Shoe event Stoney Middleton
  2. 16 June – Derby Silk Mill
  3. 30th June Canal Fest and 1st July 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Staveley Town Basin
  4. 7th July Eckington Festival 2018 1 – 5 Stead Street Eckington S21 4FL
  5. 15th July Sunday Glapwell Carnival.
  6. 14th July Ambergate Carnival 10am set up
  7. 21st July Tupton Carnival 10am set up

Posted: 17th May 2017

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